The first tool needed for the astratto caldo technique is the "press Iron".

I applied the gold foil on the math and press with the iron to obtain the first layer of color.

To achieve the final balance I trace lines on the math to have a guideline in balancing the colors.

Then, following the guidelines I applying the colors using partial parts of the foil to obtain the desired shape.

At the beginning the application is almost random but deeper in the process I develop the composition to the final idea with colors overlaps.

The overlaps layers help the colors to stick and fuse much better on the math creating that "reflection" effect.

This job is a practical demonstration of like uses this material that serves for prints in the heat press.

My application on these supports involves sometimes some imperfections but they are resolved once the idea of what I had wanted to be developed.

I'm going to obtain a final result in an enough figurative or abstract informal way and I'll have always the focus on the colors more than the subject.

All this process in order to try to have the gold part as a main color so that the composition remains balanced very well.

All these compositions, named from me astratto caldo, are all new works with subjects never previously released.

The exposure to the museum of the permanent of Milan represents the apex of my period dedicated to this technique.

“It is with pride that guest artist Mario Bernardinello has been invited to the Steckline Gallery at Newman University, Wichita, Kansas. He comes to us from his home in Milan, Italy. He is an internationally known abstract artist. His work reflects his great passion and insight into modern art. Mario works on large format canvases using plaster and brilliant acrylic color to create what he calls gestural abstraction. These active canvases are awe inspiring and convey his passion for warm jazz.  He has created and exhibition entitled Astratto Caldo for his American debut and we look forward to presenting Mario and his new work to the Wichita art community, our friends and patrons.”

MARY WERNER - Director of Art Studies at Newman University - Kansas, USA